Nicole Worrica MA, Dipl. Psych., Dipl. Spvsn. Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision in the City of London

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Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision in London Bridge

Hello, my name is Nicole. I’m a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor working with individuals and groups with extensive experience with the NHS and private practice in London Bridge.

I am currently offering therapy sessions online, face-to-face and in nature.

I specialise in Relational and Embodied Counselling and Psychotherapy.

You may benefit from a relational and embodied approach if you are experiencing distress in establishing or maintaining your family, intimate, social and professional relationships.

It can feel confusing, fearful and shameful when stress, grief, low self-esteem, illness and trauma interfere with our true personal expression and isolate us from others. We may want to disconnect from others which can lead to severe hidden guilt, shame, loneliness, anxiety, depression and health issues.

You may be feeling as if you have tendencies to push people away even if you want to be close. You may find that your relationships affect your mood, or you are anxious in social situations, like at work.

You may make efforts to know others but feel uncomfortable in letting yourself be known. You may experience that feelings of guilt, shame, anger and sadness burden others, leading to excessive self-blame, self-doubt, numbness, suicidal feelings or harmful coping mechanisms.

My Approach

I have extensive experience using a relational and embodied framework to explore; relational trauma and abuse, anxiety, depression, grief, low self-esteem, anger, fear, emotional regulation, life crises, transitions, shame based processes, struggles with eating and harmful coping mechanisms.

I integrate a variety of theories and draw on many aspects and approaches to counselling and psychotherapy to suit the uniqueness of client needs (humanistic, psychodynamic, relational psychotherapy and embodiment, arts psychotherapy, neuroscience and the neurobiology of attachment).

I acknowledge power dynamics in relationships and actively work with the impact of discrimination inclusive of; class, culture, gender, transgender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity and disabilities to lay the foundations for safety, competence and collaborative dialogue.

Contact me

I am based in the City of London close to Bank, Monument, London Bridge, Liverpool St and St Pauls.

I offer 50-minute sessions once a week and up to 2 times a week where appropriate.

If you would like to consider counselling or psychotherapy contact me, give me a call on 07946 5122 78 or email at [email protected] to talk about what you are looking for.

In your first meeting we will explore what is bothering you. We look at how we might work together and if you decide that I am someone you feel comfortable with and I think I am an appropriate therapist for you. I offer short-term (6-12 sessions) as well as longer-term work.

Relational Psychotherapy

I place importance on the client and therapist relationship which can work as a model for you. I aim to support you to experiment with new ideas about relationships, explore the dynamics of your relationships and sustain mutually satisfying relationships with others, as essential to your health and well being.

This results in a gentle natural movement towards growth where you practice authenticity, develop your relational capacity and reach your full embodied potential.

Relational psychotherapy recognises the importance of our need for connection and how we relate or what interrupts us relating with others.

Embodied Psychotherapy

To work in an embodied way means I embrace the whole person and gently support the connectedness of the brain, body, mind and spirit evolved from our innate wisdom and grounded in contemporary psychotherapy and neuroscience.

If you are experiencing extreme anxiety, depression or trauma you will be offered explanations that will normalise how your nervous system reacts releasing self-blame around your responses.

Our reaction to stress can also be stored in our nervous systems and felt in our bodies.

Guidance will be offered with techniques to manage debilitating symptoms that you may feel or not feel, gently tracking sensations in the body or intrusive thoughts that hold these symptoms in place. Our aim will be in creating a sense of ease with yourself which can transfer to an ease of being with others.

Practical Information

I am based at Throgmorton Street which is close to Bank, Monument, St Pauls, London Bridge and Liverpool Street.

Your first step is to arrange an initial consultation, contact me, give me a call on 07946 5122 78 or email at [email protected]

Online appointments are available after a therapeutic relationship has been established.

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